There’s more to Kairos Coaching & Development than our title allows us to share! Our skills extend to the following products and beyond – if you don’t see what you need, click here and we’ll be happy to arrange a chat.


DNA – Development Needs Analysis

A comprehensive DNA process establishes current company readiness in terms of knowledge, skills and culture versus the demands of its own future strategy. A final report will explain the potential pitfalls of any gaps identified and make recommendations on how to address these, with the intention of successful and timely fulfillment of the company strategy.


Team Building

Creating a strong team does not have to involve clambering over cargo nets or rushing full pelt across a forest strapped into what can only be described as a sleeping bag attached to a (hopefully) very strong cable….
Any activity does, however, need to be designed with your specific team in mind. Wherever your merry band of employees finds itself currently on the original Tuckman model (Forming * Storming * Norming * Performing), we can advise on recommended approaches that work with your agreed goals in mind.


Career Builder

Building the right career for you – or your employee – takes time, work and dedication. Employees can easily fall into the trap of believing that progression to their next role in the company will just ‘happen’. In reality, the planning and preparation on their part should be as deliberate – if not more so – as when they first applied to join your organisation. Kairos provides a range of services to support internal recruitment, covering:

  • Career planning
  • Succession planning
  • CV builder
  • Interview preparation


Programme Development

Whether it’s designing a suite of activities that you can present to staff as a catalogue for ongoing learning, creating a development programme for new managers, or designing activities with your top talent in mind, Kairos has the experience and skills to work with you on creating a high quality final product.



  • Bringing an experienced facilitator into your meeting or event ensures that:
  • Conversations stay on track
  • Planned timings are reinforced
  • All attendees can fully participate in the discussion
  • Participation between attendees is balanced – contributions are encouraged from quieter participants whilst overly vocal participants are respectfully managed
  • Clear notes are recorded for later reference