Gollum Goals

‘Gollum Goals’ is a term that I coined during a recent discussion with a fellow coach. We were talking on the subject of goals (as coaches like to do), and she visibly shuddered as we touched on the idea of working towards things that were anything but appealing. So it was thatĀ the image of Gollum (Lord of the Rings fame) came to mind – hunched up, grumpy, disengaged from the world and all that is good in it. And this, my friends, is a Gollum Goal. It is one that leaves you entirely lacking in joy and inspiration to achieve, … Continue reading Gollum Goals

Start with the end in mind

I tend to use this phrase a lot with clients. It’s the second principle of Stephen Covey’s ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’, so I feel I’m in good company with this one. When I share this piece of advice, I’m asking the client to consider the impact they have on others. Whether it’s a simple e-mail to a team member, a speech they are writing, or a proposal they are submitting, the words they use will provokeĀ a response in the recipient. But unless we are wise about the words we use, we are leaving to chance that the … Continue reading Start with the end in mind